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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

See ya Sydney

I've had 827 visitors on this. Which is weird. As I understand the counter it counts PCs-so each time I move on, it's another hit. If anyone reads this crap at home and at work, then that's 2. Still I think that must mean several hundred people have looked at this. I only sent the link to people I know. Anyway, the reason I am burbling is that I am writing this blog for two reasons-so I remember what I did and for anyone I know who can be arsed to know what I'm up to. So, I find the idea of anyone who doesn't know me reading this to be pretty perturbing.

So, focussing on my nearest and dearest and knowing what you're all like and that it's been Xmas and New Year, I'm hoping you haven't been reading much for the last few weeks, as you should have been partying hard (as well as trying to drink my share of the British booze). So to bring you up to date

I'm in Sydney, don't you know.

Much as this photo rules, I wish I had the photo taken after this. A guy from Hong Kong took this one of me, and straight afterwards two of his friends wanted their photo taken. With me. That'll be a cracker when they get home.

I've had a busy and thought provoking few days. I've been to the Rocks, the NSW and modern art galleries, the musea of Sydney and Australis, the 20-20 cricket (too awful for words), Darling harbour, the Aquarium and the Powerhouse museum (old power station, had great wall of china exhibition, which means I now want to go there).

I've been musing on modern travel, the nature of art, a number of art projects I could get going on (including collage) and racial preconceptions.

Oh and I met depressed England cricket fans in Domino's (first one since I left home and pretty good it was too).

I could jabber about any of this for ages, but it's too much typing and I'm not sure anyone would care.

I went to Bondi beach, one of the things you'd get on a Family Fortunes 'We asked one hundred people to name something Australian'; it'd probably be 4th after Rolf, the Opera House and Kylie's arse. I've never really got into beaches-there's the constant threat of sun burn, continual smearing of the sun cream, I always seem to foget something, there's not a lot to do and, resorting to cliche, the bloody sand gets everywhere. I get bored and restless basically. Or drunk. I managed a couple of hours on Bondi before taking the beatiful coastal walk down to Coogee, which I really did enjoy. Highlight of Bondi turned out to be my iPod shuffling onto Perfect Day while I gazed out over the sands and surf. It is a lovely spot.

I'm off to Mebourne tomorrow, but I did discover something disturbing about myself in Sydney. It seems I am a massive homophobe, without realising it. I was flicking the paper over dinner and saw the list of the top 50 gay icons and was perturbed by the fact that I fervently wish that at least half the list had never been born, am pretty anti another dozen or so and only postively like 4 of them (rubbish prize for anyone picking the right 4).

And how is Charlotte Church a gayer icon than Henson? I'm very confused.


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